Mindful Considerations

No is not mean, No is a boundary.Yes is not nice, Yes is a commitment.Maybe is not indecisive, Maybe is a consideration.Integrity is not an attribute, Integrity is a foundation.Happiness is not found, Happiness is cultivated.Courage is not inherent, Courage is a choice.Compassion is not an option, Compassion is a necessity.Respect is not deserved, Respect … Continue reading Mindful Considerations

Mindfulness Mini – Faith Mudra

Self confidence is a super power. Once you start believing in yourself, magic starts to happen. MUDRAS for Body, Mind and Spiritby Gertrud Hirschi This is the faith mudra, formally known as Vajrapradama Mudra. This mudra is believed to cultivate trust and self confidence. To achieve the mudra, weave your fingers together, and place your … Continue reading Mindfulness Mini – Faith Mudra