Nurture a strong relationship with your intuition so you can live in harmony with the flow of the universe and the rhythm of your soul.
~ Julie Krupp

The goal of Enhanced Perspective is to introduce you to new ways of thinking, teach you repeatable techniques for greater peace of mind, and to share life experiences and anecdotes with you. I approach life from a practical and mystical perspective. I hope you find a better understanding of yourself or at least a good tidbit.

Latest Articles, Insights & Messages

Am I on the right path?

If this question resonates with you, please read the message I constructed for you below using the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle deck. You are on a path to success according to your highest good. The Universe will rise up to meet you. Your next steps will be obvious. You have worked hard to … Continue reading Am I on the right path?

Slow Down Nudge

Do you feel manic about everything that needs to be done, tremendous pressure to have everything figured out, or left behind in a race to an unknown finish? Stop, just stop for a moment. Frantic energy leads to tunnel vision, mistakes, and burnout. Tune into the bigger picture, acknowledge how much you have already accomplished, … Continue reading Slow Down Nudge

Your Life Path Number Revealed

According to the principles of numerology, your life path number, also know as your destiny number, denotes your special path along with the natural gifts and talents that will allow you to fulfill your purpose. Calculate your life path number and the life path numbers of loved ones to obtain greater insight into potential strengths … Continue reading Your Life Path Number Revealed

Mindfulness Mini – Grokking

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. Buddha Grokking was taught to me as a way to prepare yourself for your day, a difficult task, or an uncertain scenario. Grokking is a way to set your state of mind and to prepare yourself for an appropriate response … Continue reading Mindfulness Mini – Grokking

Ancient Greek Remedy

I found Ancient Greek Remedy Oil a few years ago after a friend disclosed to me that her number one beauty secret was using a high quality oil as a makeup remover and skin moisturizer. She is a lovely women inside and out. She is technically elderly, but her skin is gorgeous and her spirit … Continue reading Ancient Greek Remedy

Resolving Difficult People

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung When someone really upsets you, once or repeatedly, that person has probably acted in violation of one of your core values. There are always going to be people in your life who you don’t particularly care for their company. Fine, that’s life. … Continue reading Resolving Difficult People

Seeing and Being Seen Nudge

People who want to be seen can’t see you, likewise you can’t see others if you are focused on being seen. Have you been feeling irrelevant, invisible, or insignificant around certain people? It may be because you are merely part of their audience. Have you been having less meaningful interactions, noticing your friends are stepping … Continue reading Seeing and Being Seen Nudge