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New Moon Affirmations

As I emerge from the shadows,I remember my brilliance,I summon my courage,and I begin anew. This last week was a strange one for me. I felt largely distracted from my blog which usually brings me such joy and inspiration. I am so grateful that I had committed awhile back to using Timothy Price’s image for … Continue reading New Moon Affirmations

Invoke Your Inner Moon Goddess

Full Moon GoddessI thrive in quiet.I flow with emotion.I inspire reflection.I empower magic.I light the path out of darkness. My Inspiration This came to me on my yoga mat, one of my greatest sources of inspiration. I was thinking about a book I have started to compile. My mind was explaining to my reader that … Continue reading Invoke Your Inner Moon Goddess

Magical New Moon Blessings

The new moon is a time for self reflection, contemplation, and preparation. Today is a powerful day to tap into your intuition. Sit quietly and allow your mind to imagine something that you’d like to attract in your life. Ask yourself or intuit what three small things you could do to start realizing your vision. … Continue reading Magical New Moon Blessings

Discover Your Moon Phase

Tuning in to the moon’s energies heightens your spiritual, mental, and physical abilities. One way to tune into the moon is to discover the phase of the moon that you were born under. Your moon phase may influence your personality and even your destiny. Discover your moon phase here: New Moon You are adventurous, enthusiastic, … Continue reading Discover Your Moon Phase

Full Moon Release & Star Gazing Guide

Happy Flower Supermoon! Full Moon ReleaseI release old beliefs and the desire to assimilate.Love, joy, and empowerment fuel my soul.I am whole.I am magnificent.I am me. I found this article on I loved the image with the moon and the planets. May full moon 2020: How to see the Flower Moon and the last … Continue reading Full Moon Release & Star Gazing Guide

Determine Your Moon Sign

According to astrology, your sun sign dictates your zodiac personality, while your moon sign represents your emotions. The moon sign indicates what kind of experience you need in order to feel emotionally satisfied. The moon is thought to be the second most important influencer in your horoscope after the sun. Your sun sign is easy … Continue reading Determine Your Moon Sign

New Moon Affirmation

The new moon is a time to be reflective while your creativity, intention setting ability, and positive energy are at its highest. The new moon symbolizes new beginnings, an opportunity to refresh your dreams and desires. Harness the energy of a new moon to achieve your goals, to start a new journey, or to renew your spirits.

Strength of the Full Moon

Happy Full Moon! I have the strength to follow my intuition, to open my heart,to trust my path,to recognize my blessings,to forgive myself,andto live my life.

New Moon Intentions

Despite the global uncertainty, the new moon is a wonderful reminder that we are empowered creators. May the magic of the moon be in your awareness today and every day.

Happy Full Moon

I was looking for a little full moon inspiration when I stumbled on this post. It has all the magic and reverence that I was looking for, and I hope you enjoy it as well! Thanks to Crystal Byers for this beautiful, empowering post: May the Moon Softly Restore You by Night

New Moon Blessing

May your creative soul be empowered as you make preparations for your next great endeavor. May you be in harmony with the flow of the universe and the rhythm of your soul. May you next steps be obvious.

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