Reframe Your Situation for Peace

I'm not close with one of my relatives. It is complicated, and telling the story no longer serves me. I can stay pretty neutral about the situation until my annual visit to my home state. Overall, I love and look forward to this visit, but the inherent obligation to see my relative while I'm 'home' … Continue reading Reframe Your Situation for Peace

How to Ask for a Sign from the Universe

There comes a time in everyone's life when Divine guidance would be much appreciated. When you find yourself at this crossroads, and you have meditated, and you have prayed, it may be time to ask for a sign from the Universe. The Universe doesn't care if your request concerns something monumental or infinitesimal. When you … Continue reading How to Ask for a Sign from the Universe

Boundaries Nudge

Is someone taking advantage of your generous heart by draining your financial, emotional, or physical resources? Are you feeling spent because someone is monopolizing your time, space, or energy? Boundaries are important so that you can love someone else while simultaneously loving yourself, boundaries cultivate love. Evaluate where and with whom you need boundaries and … Continue reading Boundaries Nudge