Julie helps people nurture a strong relationship with their intuition so they can live in harmony with the flow of the universe and the rhythm of their soul. She teaches meditation and mindfulness for corporate wellness, yoga studios and private groups. She has a style all her own that is a combination of all her learnings and experiences. Julie will introduce you to new ways of thinking and teach you repeatable techniques for greater peace of mind. Her goal is that you leave more relaxed, empowered, and with a better understanding of yourself.

Growing up, Julie’s best friend’s mom practiced meditation everyday. The concept and benefits of meditation were always in the background of her childhood. In college, Julie started practicing meditation herself as a way to reduce stress. After moving to a new community, Julie joined a meditation circle. The lasting and impactful friendships she made in that circle led her to study meditation from coast to coast and overseas. Her official studies began in 2003 and continue to present. She also completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2015.

Julie is married with three children, three dogs and a cat. She loves cheap wine and expensive chocolate. She is from the Midwest and currently resides on the East Coast. Julie was an engineer by degree and a statistical programmer in practice before following her true passion for teaching meditation and mindfulness.

I believe and practice everything I share here, not because I am zen by nature, but because I aspire to be. Meditation, yoga and happiness are all practices, we practice them our whole lives.