Shifting Preferences

The direction my home faces has always been very important to me for several reasons. I am as fair skinned as they come, not she probably needs a little sunscreen, more like she is about to burst into flames. I think one of the greatest luxuries in life is eating outside, al fresco is divine. I also absolutely love to be able to see the full moon rise when I’m lying in my bed or at least sitting on my patio. All of these reasons are in favor of a west facing home so when the sun sets in the west, the backyard is shaded for dinner and situated for moon gazing.

Since we have moved quite a bit for my husband’s work, I typically have about a three week window to find a home in a good school district, in our price range, with a dog friendly yard, and with a reasonable amount of space. To date, I have been able to accommodate those four things, but what has fallen off the list three times is the west facing preference. Our current home is no exception.

However, since COVID-19 has disrupted everyone’s routine, I have noticed a real shift in my preference for how my home is situated. Since I am not rushing out of the house to start my day, I’ve been having my coffee on the shaded patio, that is divine. Since my local yoga studio is closed, I have been taking my morning yoga practice out there as well. We still manage to eat dinner on the patio when the cloud cover is just right or the angle of the sun is aligned for the umbrella to be of actual use, but I don’t crave it so intensely anymore. I am getting my fix almost every day, just in the morning instead.

Something unique to our current home versus all of our other homes is we now have a covered porch. It is small, but it is well protected. Since the home faces east, I sat in a folding chair on my driveway to watch the last full moon rise. It was lovely, but I have to be honest, I felt a little exposed to passing cars. Being the newer neighbor, I’m not looking to be labeled eccentric just yet. So that prompted the thought that I should make better use of my little porch. My wheels started turning, and then we had 5 days of rain. I was missing the outdoors and found myself just standing on my porch several times. My conclusion was that I needed a little chair for my little porch.

I have been reading posts from other bloggers about how they have treated themselves to a special purchase or two in quarantine. Inspired by their thoughtful and joyful purchases, I was excited to pursue my little chair. I hadn’t bought anything that wasn’t a necessity since early March, and I do love some retail therapy from time to time. My time had come. πŸ™‚ I found this beautiful little set online at Target on clearance. Online, Target, clearance… Has a more eloquent sentence ever been written? Here is my purchase, I love it.

For better or worse, I now have a new preference for when life calls us to move again. I no longer need a west facing home, I need a covered porch.

Have a great weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Shifting Preferences

  1. This was such a nice post to read and enjoy. I’m glad you found your chair and it’s always so refreshing to read about someone enjoying the simplicity of life. Enjoy your space. πŸ¦‹

    1. Thanks, Collette! πŸ™‚ It actually came with two chairs, but only one fit on the porch aesthetically. I put the other in the coat closet right inside the door. I can grab it if one of the kids or the husband wants to join me.

  2. That’s a nice looking chair. Orientation can be everything. Fortunately, we never move. I can see the moon rise through the bedroom window when I’m lying in bed. We bought a pot of black bamboo back around 2003. It was very expensive, and we were told to plant it in the shade. I planted it under a big crabapple tree. I thrived, but didn’t expand a lot under the tree. When the crabapple tree died in 2009 I cut it down. Since then, the black bamboo has turned into a forest. I cut a labyrinth in the bamboo forest. Laurie goes out with her coffee, and does her stretches with the kitties in the black bamboo every morning. She also moved the chase lounges into the black bamboo. In the afternoon when it’s hot, it’s 10 degrees cooler in the bamboo forest. She lies on a chase lounge with the kitties and reads.

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