Unable to Connect Emotionally?

I have been feeling a lot of uncertainty, not surprising. What has left me unsettled is my inability to connect emotionally with some choices we have been moving towards as a family. As an empath, my emotional connection is my compass. I have observed in the last year that when I am not able to connect with something emotionally, it ultimately isn’t meant for me or isn’t going to happen as planned.

My husband took a phone call last night. It wasn’t too unusual, but it enhanced our perspective. No immediate changes or anxious decision making required, it just gently blew open a door that provided a different view, an alternative path, an unanticipated possibility. I feel so much more settled as a result. I know things are going to unfold a little differently than anticipated, and I know it is right. I can feel it.

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14 thoughts on “Unable to Connect Emotionally?

  1. I’m glad you have found your new path. I’m finding it difficult to “tune in” to things at the moment too – I suppose there is a lot of stress in ourselves that we are underestimating and perhaps floating around in the air too. Thinking of you 😘

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