New Moon Affirmations

As I emerge from the shadows,
I remember my brilliance,
I summon my courage,
and I begin anew.

This last week was a strange one for me. I felt largely distracted from my blog which usually brings me such joy and inspiration. I am so grateful that I had committed awhile back to using Timothy Price’s image for my monthly new moon post. I needed that commitment to reignite my creative fire. As I sat down to find inspiration, a beautiful song by Helen Jane Long began to play. I felt the song and the message complimented my mood and my intention nicely. I hope you enjoy the combination as well.

Blessings for a magical New Moon!

Photo credit Timothy Price
All custom images created using Canva
Chance from Perspective by Helen Jane Long

Special thanks to Timothy Price from Off Center & Not Even for generously allowing me to use his new moon image for this post. If you are not already following his blog, please do so. His videos are fun, his photography is beyond, and his ability to attract magnificent moments is unparalleled.

Photo credit Timothy Price

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