Karmic Saturday, Awesome Bloggers

Blogging is about building a community, and I am so grateful for the support I have received from all of you. Thank you for following my blog! Here a few bloggers that I’d like to mention to you today. Please take a moment to read, like, and follow their blogs.

Awesome Bloggers

Reasons To Live For has an upbeat, eclectic blog with mass appeal. Reasons To Live For found me floundering on Instagram as I was new to the platform. The advice and coaching was kind and much needed, thank you! You can follow Reasons To Live For on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/reasonstolivefor.insta/

Nathan from My Brain is Not Broken nominated me for the Real Neat Blogger Award. Nathan is doing a great service by reducing the stigma on mental illness and promoting mental wellness. Thank you for the award!

Ecohorizons is a poet whose blog is both inspirational and educational, a fantastic fusion. Ecohorizons generously posted two poems in my comment section recently. Thank you for your blessings and prose.

When the night gets dark
And the clouds make a lightening spark,
Water would nourish us with rain,
to bring joy and transcend the pain,
All would happen for us to gain,
God help us find balance again,
With divine spirit, we remain 
Guidance and love, we restore and retain.

Sing in the voice of liberty,
And allow the grace to be,
Know the truth everyone,
For the truth would set you free,
Martin Luther is a true king,
Glowing like a star in the universal sky and sea,
Singing joy, growing like mighty tree,
All inspired by God, to unite,
And ignite the power of global we,
The greatest good awaits, you and me …

Coming Soon!

Timothy Price from Off Center & Not Even has generously allowed me to use a few of his photos in my upcoming posts. I’m super excited to share them with you! If you are not already following his blog, please do so. His videos are fun, his photography is beyond, and his ability to attract magnificent moments is unparalleled.

Thanks Everybody!
Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Love this post! You’re so right that blogging is about community and because you’ve been such an inspiration for me, I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a blogging award xx If you accept the nomination, you can check out my questions for you on my latest blog post – I really hope you accept πŸ™‚

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