Invoke Your Inner Moon Goddess

Full Moon Goddess
I thrive in quiet.
I flow with emotion.
I inspire reflection.
I empower magic.
I light the path out of darkness.

My Inspiration

This came to me on my yoga mat, one of my greatest sources of inspiration. I was thinking about a book I have started to compile. My mind was explaining to my reader that I am not a sun goddess but rather I am a moon goddess. This idea resonated with me so much that I asked my intuition what it meant to be a moon goddess, and this prose sprang forth. I hope it resonates with you as well.

My First Publication

Speaking of compiling books, I completed my first ebook last week. I never considered myself an author, but I have been blogging for over a year and realized I do have a bit of content. My first ebook is Numerology 101.

Numerology 101

Numerology is the language of numbers, and numerology can help you better understand who you are by highlighting your strengths, talents, tendencies, and more. Numerology 101 is a beginner course that teaches you how to calculate and interpret the five core numbers in numerology. The five core numbers are Destiny, Personality, Soul, Life Path, and Realization and represent the energies with the biggest impact on your life.

Get your free copy of Numerology 101 here.

Happy Strawberry Moon!

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