Simple Phrase to Boost Your Daily Affirmations

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This simple addition to your daily affirmations works with your mind’s tendencies to allow the affirmation to seep deeper into your subconscious and begin to root.

From this point forward
I choose
to believe
it is possible
that… (insert your affirmation).

Source: Monica Roseberry, MA, CMT**

From this point forward acknowledges that maybe things haven’t been ideal in the past. Your mind does not have to hurdle the difference between the past and your target. You are beginning from the present, a more neutral point.

I choose tells your mind that this is your choice. This is not happening to you, you are choosing to have this experience. This concept lowers your mind’s defenses.

To believe is powerful because beliefs shape our thoughts, perceptions, actions, and experiences. There is little to no ambiguity in a belief. Your mind will do anything to uphold its beliefs.

It is possible acknowledges that there is potential for this to happen. It is possible allows the mind to open to the possibility of it instead of having to accept it immediately as truth. That opening allows the space needed for the idea to seep in and to take hold.

Good luck with this. I’ve been practicing it every day for about two months. I can feel the shifts taking place, and I am optimistic about the future.

**Monica Roseberry, MA, CMT, is a well-known speaker, educator, and international bestselling author, and has been a massage therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1984. She has trained thousands of massage students and has lectured in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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