Quiz: Are You an Empath?

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I knew I was an empath, but I had no idea how much being an empath influenced every aspect of my life. I picked up The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, MD as my weekend read with moderate interest, but I have been blown away by how insightful it has been. I feel like the book was written almost entirely about me and explains every nuance of the highs and lows in my life. I am still digesting the contents on all levels due to the amount of self-discovery, but I feel empowered with an enhanced perspective of my underlying motivators, talents, and potential. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Take the quiz below to see if this book is a good fit for you.

Empath Quiz from Judy Orloff, MD

To determine how empathic you are take the following self assessment test that Judy offers in the book and keep track of how many times you answer YES.

1. Have I been labeled as “overly sensitive,” shy, or introverted?
2. Do I frequently get overwhelmed or anxious?
3. Do arguments or yelling make me ill?
4. Do I often feel like I don’t fit in?
5. Am I drained by crowds and need alone time to revive myself?
6. Am I over stimulated by noise, odors, or non-stop talkers?
7. Do I have chemical sensitivities or can’t tolerate scratchy clothes?
8. Do I prefer taking my own car places so I can leave early if I need to?
9. Do I overeat to cope with stress?
10. Am I afraid of becoming suffocated by intimate relationships?
11. Do I startle easily?
12. Do I react strongly to caffeine or medications?
13. Do I have a low pain threshold?
14. Do I tend to socially isolate?
15. Do I absorb other people’s stress, emotions, or symptoms?
16. Am I overwhelmed by multitasking and prefer doing one thing at a time?
17. Do I replenish myself in nature?
18. Do I need a long time to recuperate after being with difficult people or energy vampires?
19. Do I feel better in small cities or the country than large cities?
20. Do I prefer one-to-one interactions or small groups rather than large gatherings?

Quiz Results

  • If you answered yes to one to five questions, you’re at least partially an empath.
    You may find some insight by reading this book.
  • Responding yes to six to ten questions means you have moderate empathic tendencies.
    You will find some insight by reading this book.
  • Responding yes to eleven to fifteen means you have strong empathic tendencies.
    You will find this book applicable to your daily life.
  • Answering yes to more than fifteen questions means that you are a full blown empath.
    You will find this book invaluable to your daily life.

My score was 18.
How about you?

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30 thoughts on “Quiz: Are You an Empath?

  1. I answered yes to all of them, Julie 🙂

    But I’ve been taking care of myself, because I know I have to protect myself and use my gift in the right direction. Thank you, for post this article 🙂

    Sending love to you!


  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I answered yes to most of these questions.. But isn’t an empath someone who feels strongly for others? I feel that way about myself sometimes but definitely not all of the time and not towards all people. But at the same time, I’m interested enough to want to take a look at the book. 🤔

    1. Empaths are highly sensitive individuals, who sense what people around them are thinking and feeling. My teenagers are constantly using the word vibe. I feel like vibe is applicable to empaths. You can feel the vibe in a place or feel a person’s vibe more easily than most.

  3. I guess I’m full blown. An unrelenting ‘Yes’ to all questions. Lol. I’ve been told I’m an empath by a few people lately, which explains a lot of experiences I’ve had growing up. Thank you for sharing this book with us all, Julie. I think it’s life’s way of saying I need to read it and gain a better understanding of what being an empath is all about. ☺️

    1. Wonderful to see you! <3 Wendy, I felt like the book was written about me. I was blown away. With a 20... you need to read it. It made me feel normal, well more normal. ;)

  4. Oh, yes! It’s a wonderful gift to have once you learn how to manage the energies within and around you. Dr. Christiane Northrup also has a great book about Energy Vampires, and how to deal with them when you are an empath.

    1. I know, if I pause on my no’s long enough, I can think of examples to include them. I felt my 18 was strong enough, lol. If you’re called to read it, I think the book would be very insightful.

    1. I think the book would speak to you too, and your score does not surprise me. Your observations are highly intuitive, and I can feel the people you write about.

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