Partner on Your Nerves? Rekindle the Love In Your Heart

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This has been an extremely stressful time, and routines that supported your healthy relationship may have been shattered. It is easy to let small annoyances get the best of you. If your partner is on your nerves or if you are on your partner’s nerves, follow these tips to rekindle the love in your heart or allow these tips to inspire you to make other personal gestures. The love is there, it just needs a little tending.

~ Play music that invokes happiness. You can play your partner’s favorite songs, songs from a shared time in your lives, or songs from a memorable vacation. Vacation… remember those?

~ Reflect about when you knew you were in love with your partner and when you knew your partner was in love with you.

~ Journal about your first date, your first impressions, and how far you have come.

~ Watch your wedding, vacation, or other videos, or flip through photos of those special times. Look at how happy you both were!

~ Plan a date night to watch movies that were significant in your courtship.

~ Prepare a ‘fancy’ candlelit dinner. I leave the interpretation of fancy up to you, get creative and improvise as needed.

~ Leave at least 5 post-it notes with compliments, expressions of love, and personal jokes where your partner will discover them. You could leave them on their mirror, on their pillow, on the coffee machine, etc.

~ Give your partner a good hug and tell them how attractive they are to you, how much you appreciate them, and how much you love them.

~ Remind yourself that you really wouldn’t want to go through this experience with anyone else.

Blessing for a happy and healthy relationship!

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22 thoughts on “Partner on Your Nerves? Rekindle the Love In Your Heart

  1. All great ideas. My husband and I find that we just need to be separate sometimes. I go to my den upstairs and watch TV or knit and he stays downstairs and does whatever he wants or watches TV. Just the distance works great for us.

  2. Great tips. Fortunately, we are used to being alone together and both of us always have plenty to do, so the lock down doesn’t put us on each other’s nerves more than normal.

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