Book Review – An Unobstructed View: A Personal Journey from Illinois to Arizona by Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson’s third memoir chronicles an ironic year of surprise and transformation when one man’s life takes an unexpected detour and he discovers his destiny on the way to a new destination.

As the story begins, Mark is poised for a new adventure. He has already navigated the ups and downs of his St. Louis childhood and retraced the path of his mother’s life from fertile ground. Yet, he doesn’t expect his journey with his husband Tom—selling their steady-but-often-snowy Illinois home and resurfacing in the warmth and serenity of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert—will prove to be as circuitous. “An Unobstructed View” is an inspiring story of promise, perseverance and reflection.

I would like to introduce you to An Unobstructed View: A Personal Journey from Illinois to Arizona written by my friend, Mark Johnson. This wonderful and uplifting book reads like a compilation of short stories, but it is beautifully woven together to demonstrate all interconnections that make up a community and a family. The book also pays tribute to people who may only be in our lives for a short time and emphasizes that a brief encounter does not diminish significance.

Mark’s story is one of courage. Courage to start a new chapter in life, and courage to move forward with optimism even when life throws the ultimate curveball. His journey will take you through his love of baseball, the joys of owning a dog, and the challenges of being a gay man. Although these are only a few of the anecdotes he explores, you’ll quickly notice that the book is well poised to connect with a large readership. Please purchase your own copy and experience the journey for yourself.

If you’d like to get a feel for Mark’s style or read excerpts from his projects, please follow his blog. He has a welcoming and reflective style that draws you in as a reader. I hope to see you in the comment section, I’ll be there.

Mark has several published works, and you can browse them all on his author page.

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8 thoughts on “Book Review – An Unobstructed View: A Personal Journey from Illinois to Arizona by Mark Johnson

  1. Also wanted to let you know I I nominated you for the Liebster award. See my post. It’s a fun way to get to know more about you and your blog, and you’re one of my favorites! ❤️

  2. Your review is a sincere gift, Julie. Thank you! As you have so beautifully described, one of the universal themes in my book is our sense of community. How it evolves as we move along in our lives in planned and unforeseen ways. How we never forget the indelible imprints people leave on our lives. I’m proud to be a part of this blogging community with you. Your observations and inspirations give us hope as we live through the present uncertainties.

    1. Thank you! I’m so grateful for your friendship. <3 I was telling a friend of mine about you recently, and my explanation started off along the lines of I met this wonderful guy on the internet. I just had to laugh because there are so many questionable and negative connotations that can go along with that phrase, especially given that I'm married. Of course, none of them apply, Thank you for enriching my life! :)

      1. I love that story, Julie! Thanks for sharing it. This late-in-life writing and blogging journey has brought me new friends and so much unexpected joy. Take care and have a great week!

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