Inviting All Spiritual Explorers ~ Nourishing Evening of Kirtan ~ No Charge

Tuesday 4/21/20 7:00 pm MT – Registration Link – Free to Join

Kate Spear is offering a nourishing evening of Kirtan. Kirtan is a Bhakti Yoga tradition of the heart, a call-and-response style song or chant which invokes spiritual ideas and intentions. This mindful practice will lift your spirits and support your journey to contentment. Kate will offer easy to follow instructions, your microphone will be muted, and your participation is optional. You can simply tune in for the experience of the soothing and enchanting sounds or fully participate by following along, however you are guided. No prior singing or chanting experience required.

This inclusive event encourages you to come as you are whether you are anxious, sad, or joyful. All you need is the courage to join, and this yogi tradition will support your heart journey to peace. If you have been practicing mindfulness, the Kirtan experience is a beautiful way to fill the heart while you empty your mind. If you feel that your mind has been getting lost lately, the Kirtan will provide you with an empowered cadence as you come back to yourself.

Kate has lead the Kirtan all over the world to audiences ranging from corporate executives to remote villagers. The message and experience is universally applicable. You can even make a date or an evening out of the invitation, grab a loved one for an hour of soul enlightenment and engagement.

I hope to see you there!
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Kate Spear playing the harmonium.

Kate has been on a consciousness and mindfulness path for 25 years.

She holds a BS degree from Penn State University in psychology and Gender Studies, is a Certified meditation and yoga teacher, a Certified facilitator of Access Consciousness, a Certified Leadership Circle Profile practitioner and is trained in Somatic Journey work. She spent 8 years in an Ashram community studying with master teachers and practicing meditation daily.

Her professional life includes having worked as a department head on the executive team for the Telluride Ski Resort, owning a retail and nutrition business, operating SpearVision consulting firm and founding and running numerous other ventures. Her current work includes executive team coaching, leading retreats internationally, conscious business consulting and coaching individuals in personal transformation. She is also the founder of Radiant Tribe, a community changing lives through joy and connection. 

Hiking into the high country is a passion for Kate and when she’s not working on her memoir of her life in an ashram, she is spending time with her 3 daughters.

You can see more at her website:

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