Mindful Listening and Speaking

There’s always some
truth behind “I’m just kidding
knowledge behind “I don’t know
emotion behind “I don’t care” and
pain behind “I’m fine“.

Being mindful about how you listen and how you speak is more important than ever these days. Tune into being more supportive, inquisitive, and compassionate if you hear others use these phrases. If you find yourself defaulting to these quips, open to being more candid, honest, and vulnerable with yourself and the other person.

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23 thoughts on “Mindful Listening and Speaking

    1. One other quick thought here. Is someone that does it, condemned to repeat it for life? I know someone like that, and I am wondering if, change is possible for them if they were made aware of the disrespect and passive-aggressive nature of the comment.
      I think it’s another great topic!
      Thank you for sharing!πŸ™‚

      1. I’m no expert either, but I definitely think these ideas could open a dialogue for healing. I think everyone is capable of change but I have learned not to expect or even hope that someone will. Change takes awareness, time, and commitment, and it is not for everyone. Follow your intuition, maintain compassion, and may your next steps be obvious. <3

  1. Great post. I never ‘kid’ anyone. To me, it’s a passively aggressive act.
    The world would be a better place if people stopped ‘kidding each other. πŸ€—

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