10 Quick Mudras for Mindfulness and Wellbeing

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Mudras are symbolic hand gestures that facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body and enhance one’s intentions, meditations, and overall wellbeing. They have been in use by Eastern cultures for thousands of years. Mudra translates to seal, gesture, or mark.

This list of 10 quick mudras for mindfulness and wellbeing was compiled from Getrud Hirschi’s Mudras for Body, Mind and Spirit.

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1. Make a Decision:
This mudra resolves emotional and mental tension. Form this mudra and find your breath. With your question or situation in mind, hold the mudra for a few moments in front of your forehead and then for a few moments in front of your heart. Affirmation: I decide with a clear head and a benevolent heart.

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2. Cultivate Self Confidence and Calm:
This mudra cultivates trust and self confidence. To achieve the mudra, weave your fingers together, and place your palms on your heart center with thumbs pointing up. Use this mudra in meditation, to calm your nerves, and to center yourself for a task. Feel a sense of peace wash over you when you place this mudra on your upper chest. Affirmation: I trust my path, I trust myself, and I trust the Universe.

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3. Tap Into Your Intuition:
This mudra cultivates inner calm and harmony and heightens your intuition. To achieve the mudra, your right hand will clasp your left thumb. The right hand represents a seashell, and the left thumb represents a pearl. Use this mudra in meditation and contemplation by placing it over your third eye or heart chakra and then asking yourself mostly yes, no questions. Affirmation: All answers are available to me now.

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4. Let It Go:
This mudra refreshes your body and mind and raises your feeling of wellbeing. Before forming the mudra, run your hands under running water for several moments. Allow the water to wash away all that is bothering you. Then bring your middle fingers to touch with hands facing opposite directions, and imagine that you are bathed in white light. Affirmation: My heart is light, my head is free, and my actions lead me to peace.

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5. Heighten Your Perception:
This mudra allows you to receive an inkling of the great mystery which determines the hidden meaning of your existence. To form the mudra, bring your ring fingers to the tips of your thumbs, and bring your pointer fingers to the knuckles of your thumbs. Use the mudra as you are guided, maybe as goggles for your eyes, amplifiers for your ears, or inspiration while in a yoga pose. Affirmation: My life is encompassed within the great secret of the Universe. I have faith in all that is.

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6. Capitalize on Opportunity:
This mudra synchronizes the two sides of the brain, activates one’s memory, and improves one’s ability to absorb or recall knowledge. Form this mudra by bringing all of your fingertips to touch. With your question or situation in mind, hold the mudra for a few moments in front of your forehead if an academic matter or in front of your heart if an emotional matter. Affirmation: I am thankful for this opportunity to take my chances as they come. All information needed for this matter is available to me now.

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7. Balance Your Moods:
This mudra helps you find equanimity and cope with changing moods. To achieve this mudra, bring your ring finger to your thumb. Use this mudra in conjunction with three slow, deep breaths to center and restore your balance. Affirmation: This disturbance is temporary, and I am grateful for the gift of mindfulness. All is well.

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8. Find Inspiration:
This mudra activates and synchronizes both halves of the brain. To form this mudra fold your fingers over your thumbs, then extend only your pointer fingers, bring the tips of your pointer fingers and your knuckles to touch. Use this mudra when brainstorming ideas, solutions, or next steps in all aspects of your life. Affirmation: I am showered with possibilities, I know my talents will support me, and I am grateful for this inspiration.

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9. Find Strength with Happiness:
This mudra strengthens and fulfills the heart by nourishing you with reminders of that which inspires, motivates, and enthuses you. Form this mudra by making the peace sign. Bring this mudra to your eyes to see through happiness lenses, to your ears to hear through a happiness filter, or to your heart to feel through a happiness buffer. Affirmation: My happiness is within me, I am empowered.

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10. Choose Freedom:
This mudra elevates your perspective to one who personifies freedom, strength, and power. To achieve this mudra, face your palms towards you and hook your thumbs. Feel free to flutter your fingers as a bird would flutter its feathers. Use this mudra when you feel trapped by the mundane or limited by life’s challenges. Affirmation: As I elevate my perspective, I choose freedom, and I know no bounds.

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26 thoughts on “10 Quick Mudras for Mindfulness and Wellbeing

  1. A timeless post, well written.

    I love the artwork too!

    Mindfulness is more important than ever during these times.

    Plenty of opportunities for improvement in finances and awareness.
    Some will capitalize, others won’t.
    I’ve explored these ideas myself recently.

    Mindfulness is an important tool for navigating all adversity.

    Be aware of what is going on inside.

    Thanks for sharing! (:

          1. I love doing the affirmations and oracle cards! I just taught a class on using cards to make a vision board with affirmations. I would sure enjoy one of your classes!
            🧘‍♀️ ✨🧘‍♀️

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