Use Your Discomfort to Set Your Target

We are all going through a lot of uncertainty right now, and it is uncomfortable, to say the least. I do believe though that discomfort is a tool for change and clarity.

Are you stuck in an energy, a place, a relationship, or a situation that is not a good fit for your soul? Trust the Universal plan. When a bow is pulled back in preparation for a target, there is stress, effort, and strain. The greater the pull or negative energy, there is greater potential for the release or positive energy. So when you are at your depths of discomfort, this is the ideal time to set your target. You are about to be launched into a new energy that you may not have been ready to receive or reach fully without the preliminary discomfort. So embrace where you are, allow it to fuel your goals, and take aim!

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14 thoughts on “Use Your Discomfort to Set Your Target

  1. Julie, thanks for sharing these positive words. Today, I felt more challenged than normal so I know I need to refocus on my personal targets. Tomorrow, the sun will rise again.

    1. I’m glad you liked it, thank you. Every day and even every moment can feel different during these crazy times. I’m glad your optimism is intact and you were gentle with yourself. Blessings for continued health!

    1. I’m being really mindful to keep the fear at bay. As in all things, some moments are much easier than others. I am so grateful to have my college son home. I am so grateful to eat family meals together. I am so grateful that all my kids have organized elearning through their schools. How are you and your family? Your photos continue to be inspiring. <3

      1. Laurie is having to teach her classes online now. Online classes are challenging out here where Internet is spotty, and a lot of students don’t have access to computers or the Internet at home. As I’ve mentioned to other people, we are pretty isolated and not very social, so life hasn’t changed much for us. I have plenty to keep me busy and I can see wildlife and nature by simply stepping out the door. Actually, I will start seeing wildlife indoors fairly soon, as the kitties like to catch critters, bring them inside and let them go. I think they get a big kick out of watching me chase the critters around the house trying to get them back outside where they belong.

        1. I love that the cats are sharing their joy! We have a family of birds who have decided to nest in the spring wreath on the front door. I went to move the wreath, but there are already eggs in the nest. So, the porch is closed, and the front door is not allowed to be opened, all good. 🙂 We look forward to a front-row view of the hatchlings. 🙂 Best of luck to Laurie as she navigates this new online reality. As a parent, I greatly appreciate the effort to keep the kids moving forward. Although they groan, they are happier being occupied.

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