Today’s Mission: Find the Potential in Small Moments

I was in the kitchen this morning loading the dishwasher and putting away the items left to air dry from last night. One of the air dry items was our goldfish container. It is acrylic and sits on our counter all the time for the kids to grab a quick snack. It had been out of commission for about two weeks.

I had the audacity to fill it with something other than goldfish, and that was not popular, to say the least. The kids wouldn’t grab a quick snack out of it, so I had to revert to putting the offending contents out on the counter in a bowl over the last two weeks so the contents would be eaten. Of course, they would eat the contents out of a bowl without hesitation. They just would not eat it out of the goldfish container. I’m sure those of you with kids get the absurdity and reality of this situation.

This morning I filled the container with goldfish so all would be right in the world. Truly, at that moment, all was right in my world. I felt such a rush of calm and comfort that I had added something normal, expected, and often not appreciated into our routine. This morning I really appreciated it. I savored the moment. I’m on a mindfulness hunt now to find the potential in other small moments.

Your mindfulness mission should you choose to accept it is to find the potential in small moments of normal, expected, and often not appreciated.

23 thoughts on “Today’s Mission: Find the Potential in Small Moments

  1. This is so true!!!! One time I moved my mixer to another area on my counter. The mixer takes up a lot of room and is heavy. Moving it anywhere is not easy. It was all out of sync in its new spot or that was probably just me lol. Moving it back immediately restored calm.

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