10 Mindful Journal Prompts for Increased Peace of Mind

If you need a little boost of positivity or increased peace of mind, settle into your favorite chair with your journal. Here are ten journal prompts to get your thoughts flowing in a constructive manner.

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  1. What worked well for you today?
  2. What are you grateful for today that you previously took for granted?
  3. Write about a thing, a person, a place, and an experience that all bring you great joy. How much overlap is there in your writing?
  4. What is something that is a positive part of your life now that originally scared you?
  5. What does your favorite color mean to you, and do you need to incorporate more of that color into your life?
  6. What does your favorite scent mean to you, and do you need to incorporate more of that scent into your life?
  7. How have you grown in the last 10 years, and what are your resulting nuggets of wisdom?
  8. Whose life has been positively impacted by your support, encouragement, and presence?
  9. What would you like to say to yourself if you were not you but rather you were your best friend? How can you keep this perspective moving forward?
  10. What are your favorite things and memories about the current season?
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9 thoughts on “10 Mindful Journal Prompts for Increased Peace of Mind

  1. This is a wonderful list of questions and topics to write about! I can honestly say that journaling, as well as keeping an inspiration board, has helped me discover answers to a few of the questions you suggested. Really love this post!

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