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There is a lot of uncertainty throughout the world right now, and there is no better time to nurture or cultivate your home yoga practice. A home yoga practice will help you maintain or improve your physical strength, flexibility, and endurance. It will also help your mental health as you make or improve important connections in your brain for peace of mind and emotional balance. 

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A home yoga practice is appropriate for individuals as well as partners and families. Yoga is accessible to almost anyone with a desire to learn and play.* If you have been thinking about starting a home yoga practice or learning more about yoga, now is the perfect time.

After searching for years, the best and most comprehensive online yoga I have found is

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10 Reasons Why is the BEST

1. They have yoga and meditation, and meditation! That makes my heart so happy! There are yoga studios that don’t even consistently offer meditation. understands the mind, body, spirit connection. 

2. They have yoga for all levels from beginner to advanced. You will find a full range of classes to support all levels. In addition, the individual classes provide visuals of different levels of intensity. You can choose which model to follow to match your body’s movement needs for the day. 

3. They have stand-alone core classes. The core is key to a healthy body and a strong yoga practice. I appreciate that recognizes this importance. You can add a 30 minute core workout to your regular class or just do a stand-alone core if you are pressed for time or looking to mix up your workouts.

4. The instructors provide just the right amount of banter, inspiration, and motivation. They keep you smiling and moving without being intrusive or annoying. 

5. The instructors are committed to incorporating breath with movement. The movement cues include the appropriate corresponding breathing cue without being too wordy or choppy. 

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6. The pace is perfect. There is enough space in the instruction for an advanced yogi to take it up a notch, but it is not too slow if you’d rather just follow the prescribed movements.

7. The transitions in the advanced level practices are challenging and creative. You will not be bored if you already have a strong practice. 

8. They have a collection of free trial classes for all levels to help you decide if is a good fit for you. 

9. The monthly cost of is less than the cost of one walk-in class at a studio. They are running a promo right now for $10 a month. If you used once a month, that would be a great deal. If you used it more than once a month, it would be an incredible deal especially for the quality and variety of yoga.

10. They have targeted programs and packages including yoga for weight loss, beginner programs, prenatal, yoga for runners, yoga for kids, and many more. You can even do online yoga teacher training. 

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*Always consult with a medical professional before beginning an exercise program.

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10 thoughts on “The Best Online Yoga for Home Practice

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I was just thinking this morning that I was going to hunt for some online yoga! I want to include my 7 year old daughter too, as she’s home from school. 💕👍🏻

    1. I already told my kids who are also home from school that we are having family yoga this afternoon. I’m sure there will be a lot of groaning and some good laughs. I hope you enjoy the website, they have a kids’s yoga section as well. 🙂

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