20 Ways to Give Your Home a Quick Boost of Positive Energy

Sometimes our home needs a boost of energy or a positive change. Here is a quick list of simple steps you can take to get the transformation started. Pick and choose the ones that resonate with you. Have fun!

  1. Get rid of 5 things
  2. Dust the main room
  3. Light a candle
  4. Open all the windows
  5. Sweep the entrance
  6. Wash your comforter or duvet
  7. Play music
  8. Sage the house
  9. Put out a bowl of fresh fruit
  10. Pick or buy flowers
  11. Diffuse essential oils
  12. Move 3 things around
  13. Replace burnt out bulbs
  14. Wash the dog
  15. Cook or bake your specialty
  16. Pull weeds
  17. Buy fun hand soap
  18. Put out vacation photos
  19. Declutter a stack of papers
  20. Put something you love on display in the center of your dining table
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8 thoughts on “20 Ways to Give Your Home a Quick Boost of Positive Energy

  1. So true. Last night I decided I was going to clean my kitchen and make it pleasing to look at if nothing else. I did and it made me feel so happy and calm. Thanks for your post.

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