10 Yoga Studio Best Practices for Profit and Client Retention

If you own or are thinking of owning a yoga studio, here are ten ways to increase your client experience while also increasing your profits.

1. Have a Greeter – It has been my observation that studios who have a designated greeter retain more new clients and sell more class packages. Having the instructor greeting and checking people in limits the personal interaction, especially for new clients who need the most nurturing. A studio usually only has one chance to capture a new client. A warm, enthusiastic greeter with a thoughtful new client check list can make all the difference. A greeter can also promote packages, events, and merchandise that are most appropriate for each individual client’s needs.

2. Offer Mat Storage – Giving the client the option to leave their mat at the studio fosters client loyalty and improves client motivation. It is one less thing the client has to think about to get out the door, and part of their practice is already waiting for them at your studio. These are both motivating factors. Your client is also less likely to hit another studio because their mat is at your studio.

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3. Offer Yoga Challenges It never ceases to amaze me what a chart and few stickers does to get people motivated to get to class. Have a 30 day yoga challenge, a challenge to take the most classes, a challenge to sample all the class types, etc. Get creative with the challenge and the board. This will incentivise men and women alike. Offer the winner or those who complete the challenge free studio merchandise.

4. Gift Studio Merchandise – Reward and/or incentivise annual pass holders and monthly auto pay clients with free merchandise such as tanks, tees, hoodies, etc. They already love your studio and have a financial commitment with you, so let them advertise for you as well. We all run errands in our yoga clothes. We are all lured by the joy of a free gift.

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5. Host a Community Event – A great way to introduce more people to yoga and build clientele is to host a community event. It can be as simple as yoga in the park or yoga in the courtyard. It could be in partnership with a local health center or chiropractic office. People have a lot of uninformed, preconceived ideas about yoga that can be dispelled by actually seeing a class. When they see people from their community that look like them enjoying yoga, they may be much more inclined to give it a try.

6. Provide Charitable Opportunities – Promote the community spirit of yoga by partnering with a local charity to collect money, supplies, or used goods. This is a chance to promote your business in the community and gives you something else to include in your monthly newsletter. You could even devise a plan to allow clients to select the next charity through nominations, voting, or drawings. The more connected your client base is to the cause, the more they will champion and promote the entire effort.

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7. Offer a Preschool Friendly Class – If you have a little extra space appropriate for preschoolers, hire a certified childcare professional to watch children so their parents can take a class. If you don’t have the space, offer a class that parents and preschoolers can do together. This is a demographic not often catered to in the yoga community. It is an opportunity to nurture parents and capture new clients.

8. Offer Some Spa Amenities – You want clients to want to be in your space. Make your studio a thoughtful reprieve from the everyday world.
Offer filtered water or even better, water infused with fresh fruit or cucumber. Forgetting a water bottle from time to time is a fact of yoga life. The water is also great for clients who stay for multiple classes or who are running in on their lunch hour or right after work.
Offer towels, because forgetting your towel from time to time is also a fact of yoga life. I have skipped a class because I forgot my towel.
Stock the Bathroom with a few essentials and luxuries such as tissue, nice soaps, nice lotions, hair ties, feminine products, odor neutralizer, nail files, band-aids, etc.

9. Have s Special Offering at the End of Class – Offer something special to the client at the end of every class such as a lavender eye pillow, a bolster under the knees, a drop of essential oil on the wrist, a cool damp lavender washcloth (my absolute favorite), etc. This is the studio’s opportunity to offer a signature experience that nurtures the client’s well being. Be creative, differentiate your studio!

10. Have a Signature Signal to End Savasana – In my opinion, gently signaling the end of savasana with a crystal singing bowl is the most grounding and nurturing way to end a class. However, there are other beautiful approaches such as a gong, chimes, or even a melody on a guitar. I have heard them all and more. You painstakingly select your music, take the same care with all your audio signals, but especially with your signal that savasana is ending.

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Good luck with your studio!
Your community needs you!

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