The Best Gift That I Ever Bought for Myself and My Cat

Mindful Alternative to a Meditation Chair

I had been wanting a hanging chair for a long time. It seemed bulky, hard to explain, and hard to justify. But you know the saying, the heart wants what the heart wants. My heart wanted a hanging chair.

I found the most beautiful hanging chair with a stand at my local HomeGoods. It was shaped like an egg, which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted it to feel like I was in a cave or a cocoon. Spurred on by the belief that if you see it at HomeGoods and you want it, you must buy it immediately, I bought it.

I bought it, I love it, and I have had it for several years now. It has brought me as much joy as I had hoped. It is my meditation and reflection chair. Simply sitting in it calms me mentally and physically. It is the best gift that I ever bought myself.

Mindful Alternative to a Tacky Cat Tree?

If you are looking for an attractive alternative to a tacky cat tree, look no further. My cat loves my hanging chair! He lunges at it from the ground or the table and hangs on for dear life as it swings wildly from the assault. He plays peekaboo with me by hanging his face over the top. He bats at me through the webbing in a sometimes intrusive game of tag. His love for the chair brings me even greater joy than my own love for the chair.

When my cat gets annoying, as all cats sometimes do, I stuff his favorite toys in the webbing of the chair. He has to devise a plan to rescue them, and he takes this job very seriously. This activity always buys me enough time to complete my task without his assistance. This chair is simply the best gift that I ever bought for my cat.

This hanging chair is the closest representation of mine that I could find.
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