Your Personality Number Revealed

According to the principles of numerology, your personality number reveals what others remember about you after your first encounter. Knowing your personality number can help you to make a great first impression.

Calculate your personality number and the personality numbers of loved ones to obtain greater insight into potential strengths and tendencies.

Determine Personality Number

Your personality number is determined by using your name and the following numerology chart. You will look up the corresponding number to every consonant in your full birth name, first middle last. You will then add up the numbers in each part of your name to arrive at your Personality Number. If you arrive at a double digit number, add the digits of the number together until you arrive at a single number.

A Quick Note About Y: The letter Y is considered a consonant when it is silent, like in Whitney or Winfrey.

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Numerology Table, Letters and Their Numbers


Personality Number Example

Personality Number = CONSONANTS(First + Middle + Last)


Personality Number = 8 + 1 + 5 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5

Meaning of Personality Number*

Personality Number 1
Dominant, forceful, creative, confident, self-reliant, courageous, professional, prefers unique and memorable styles

Personality Number 2
Reserved, shy, neat, cooperative, peaceful, diplomatic, modest, artistic, charming, good listener, prefers classic styles

Personality Number 3
Fun, magnetic, friendly, animated, great talker, entertaining, charming, attractive, optimistic, enthusiastic, looks good in anything

Personality Number 4
Trustworthy, rule follower, sensible, conservative, frugal, hard working, industrious, reliable, responsible, practical and economical fashion sense

Personality Number 5
Attractive, witty, freedom, outgoing, exuberant, youthful, progressive, networker, likes movement, prefers trendy styles

Personality Number 6
Gracious, perfectionist, idealist, protective, reliable, problem solver, counselor, artistic, teacher, prefers eye pleasing colors

Personality Number 7
Mystery, secrecy, perceptive, observant, intelligent, dignified, introspective, introverted, mystical, unusual and eccentric tastes in fashion

Personality Number 8
Influential, powerful, ambitious, strong, authoritative, controlling, organized, visionary, confident, dresses for success

Personality Number 9
Generous, compassionate, philosophical, warm, emotional, intuitive, vibrant, wise, sympathetic, dresses with a flair for the dramatic

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* Sourced from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology by Kay Lagerquist, Ph.D. and Lisa Lenard published 2004 by Alpha, page 208-215

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  1. this reminds of me of a past roommate, he changed his name and it had to do with numerology. He was always the same person but then I always called him by the wrong name.

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