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Buddha Groove is a family owned online store that offers an awe-inspiring collection to feed the spirit and inspire the mind. Their unique merchandise is focused on the yoga lifestyle, the practice of meditation, and the spiritual journey. They have Buddha statues, meditation malas, singing bowls, zafu, yoga jewelry, and more.

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Zafu, if you are wondering, is a round, meditation cushion. Buddha Groove has a beautiful collection of them in prints and solids. They make a beautiful addition to any meditation space. I absolutely love the color and design of these two.

I am a particular fan of Buddha Groove’s moon collection. I find the moon to be a constant source of comfort and inspiration. I enjoy being witness to the moon’s cycles as the moon is witness to our human cycles. Whether our human cycles are glorious or raw, the moon passes no judgment. I’ve paired my favorite moon quotes with corresponding products from Buddha Groove.

I am also particularly drawn to Buddha Groove’s labyrinth collection. Throughout history, labyrinths have been used as a meditative tool symbolizing a journey to our own center and then back to reality with more feelings of peace, clarity, and mindfulness.

The labyrinth is also viewed as a metaphor for life’s journey. Traveling its path can offer us lessons and assist us in addressing life’s challenges. Meditate, pray, and find peace and serenity. Do not try to solve the labyrinth, just simply follow its path with the pointer and pay attention to your thoughts as you proceed through its twists and turns. The path that is mindfully taken in is the same path that is mindfully taken out.

Chartres Cathedral
Seven Circuit

The labyrinth on the left is inspired by the labyrinth that is set into the floor stones in the nave of Chartres Cathedral. It may be the world’s most recognized and famous labyrinth, yet it is surrounded in mystery. You can find it referenced in religious, mystical, fiction, and nonfiction books alike. It has universal appeal.

The labyrinth on the right represents an ancient seven circuit labyrinth, because the path creates seven concentric rings around the center. It draws on the mystical quality of the 7, a number of transformation, vision, and spirituality.

Lastly, if you are moving to a new home, need to improve the energy in your existing home, or have had the misfortune of horrible house guests, the Healing and Purifying Smudge Kit with Amethyst is perfect for you. A ritual smudging kit is designed to invite positive vibrations into your life and to negate all negativity from your space. The kit comes with purifying Palo Santo sticks, a white sage bundle, a feather, an abalone shell, and a calming amethyst stone shard.

Get 10% off Buddha Groove

By using the discount link I provided above, you will be participating in Groove For Good which is Buddha Groove’s charitable referral program. The way it works is when you refer friends and family to Buddha Groove, you have the chance to donate to a worthy cause while also receiving store credit.

You give your friends 10% off on their first order of $30+ and you get $15 store credit for each successful referral. 10% of the referred order goes to Sankara Eye Foundation. This nonprofit provides free quality eye care and vision-saving cataract surgeries to India’s under served rural populations.

Have fun browsing Buddha Groove!

Buddha Groove Buddha Groove
Buddha Groove Jewelry Meditation Mala

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  1. I’ve been a Buddha Grove customer for years – my most frequently purchased item has been the “She believed she could, so she did” bracelet, which I have and which I have gifted to several friends. I never noticed the labyrinth items, I think I might take a look at them.

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