13 Questions to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

I felt that my life’s purpose was terribly elusive the majority of my life. I kept seeking clarity, looking for signs, and waiting for everything to fall into place. I would pray on it, meditate about it, and set intentions around it. Whenever I was sad or felt less than, I always defaulted that it must be because I didn’t know my life’s purpose.

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In the mean time, I was living my life with all the ups and downs. I enjoyed yoga and meditation classes, and I pursued them both most of my adult life. I accumulated certifications, shared what I was doing with close friends, and organically began teaching. This evolved over many years until one day I found myself in a familiar mindset. I was sad, felt lost, and was bemoaning my missing life’s purpose.

As I sat down to meditate once again on this seemingly unattainable concept, my intuition whispered to me.

What if you already have what you’re looking for?
You cannot miss out on experiencing your life’s purpose.
You can fail to notice it or fail to appreciate it, but you cannot miss it.

I knew in that moment that my life’s purpose was to be a meditation teacher and to teach people how to nurture a strong relationship with their own intuition. If you are going to be a teacher, you have to also be a student, and I loved being both. Now with my realization, I still had a tremendous amount of fear. I was so worried what other people would think when I told them my purpose. I come from a very left brained family, career, and social group. This endeavor was a very right brained concept. Again, my intuition whispered to me.

You’re not telling the world,
you’re only telling the people who want to listen.

My intuition was absolutely right! I have told certain people that I am a meditation teacher, I have introduced them to my meditation friends, and I have invited them to a meditation class. Then, these same people are always surprised that I teach meditation, they literally cannot process it.

Hindsight being what it is, I thought about how much time and energy I had spent chasing a life’s purpose that I was already living. In doing so, I compiled this list of questions, that had I considered, would have all pointed me to the answer. That being said, I don’t know if answering the questions would have delivered me to the conclusion any earlier. There is something to be said for timing, collecting experiences, and believing in yourself.

I pose the questions to you. It is my intention that they lead you closer to your answers. When you consider them, look for themes and convergences, it may not be black and white. As I always say when guiding people to stillness, feel with your heart and listen with your intuition.

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16 thoughts on “13 Questions to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

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    1. Honestly, I don’t exactly remember, but there are two main ways I find new bloggers. The first is I look at the Recommended Posts in the reader. The second is I look at the Related Posts when I am reading a post. I don’t look at all of them in either case, but I do look at the ones that catch my eye. In any event, glad I found you. Welcome to WP! 🙂

  2. When I was in college studying to be an accountant, I felt the Spirit nudging me to become a teacher. I became a business education teacher and never looked back. Now retired, my 40-year journey took through a lifetime of challenges and achievements.

  3. Very insightful and timely. This jumped out at me my darling. ‘You’re not telling the world, you’re only telling the people who want to listen.’ We each have a gift and a purpose, but we can only assist the people who are willing to trust, and travel our path. Help others get what they want, and we’ll have what we want. It starts by helping one, and the good news spreads. <3

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