Feeling Nostalgic?

For whatever reason, I was feeling very nostalgic last week. I was missing a friend who passed away. I was missing a mentor who passed away. I was missing a yoga team that I was part of years ago. It was a crush of emotion, sometimes sorrowful for the loss and sometimes grateful for having known or worked with them.

On one of the days, I was moving through the emotion on my yoga mat, and it occurred to me that they were all still very much a part of me. The way I move on my mat and the confidence that I bring to my yoga practice are because of my time with my yoga team friends. That team experience crystallized the importance of yoga in my life and defined for me what great yoga feels like. I strive to infuse that empowering feeling into my home practice and into classes I teach.

If you ever feel nostalgic,
what you miss is part of who you are now.

My meditation mentor who passed away is still very much an active part of my life. I will soon be traveling with long time friends who I met in her meditation circles. My own meditation teachings are largely inspired by her example and format. As I prepare for another meditation class, I am reminded that my opening and closing statements are variations of her signature sayings.

My good friend who passed away last year died with more grace than most people conjure up in life. It is an example I will never forget, it was profound, inspiring, and raw. I want to do better and be better because she showed me what is possible in the face of REAL adversity. If she could handle THAT, then I can certainly handle this, whatever this is in an uncomfortable moment or a given situation.

If you find yourself feeling nostalgic, remember that what you miss is already part of who you are now. Strive to include those concepts into your reflection as well. It may leave you feeling more whole.

Photo by Inga Seliverstova on Pexels.com
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