Karmic Saturday, Share The Love

I have been inspired by Mr. A from A Barbarian in Gentlemen’s Clothing. He has a little section in some of his posts where he pauses from the topic to recognize fellow bloggers. I love the spirit and execution of it, so I have decided to do Karmic Saturday posts from time to time where I too can recognize fellow bloggers.

Blogging is about building a community, and I am so grateful for the support I have received from all of you. Thank you for following my blog! Here are three bloggers I’d like to mention to you today. Please take a moment to read, like, and follow their blogs. Don’t forget to give Mr. A a little love too!

Clever Girl is a comedian, and she is wildly inappropriate. You will love her! Without fail when I read her blog, my kids have to ask me why I’m laughing. I don’t tell them. 😉

Barb from Let It Go Coach has a nurturing and enlightening blog full of wonderful anecdotes that will leave you inspired. Read about her unique approach to a family journal, Never Agains.

Wendy from Mostly Single has just released new music. Please listen, it is truly relaxing and will take you to a deeper place of peace within yourself. I love it!

Thanks Everybody!
Have a great weekend!!!

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20 thoughts on “Karmic Saturday, Share The Love

  1. Julie, I really appreciate the plug, but more importantly, it gives me great pleasure to know that you enjoy reading what I put my heart and soul into, so thank you for following and reading ❤️

  2. Thanks Julie – very much appreciated! I’m working on some more relaxing music and hope to have new releases very soon. Also try and release videos on youtube weekly!

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