8 Tips to Create or Enhance a Meditation Space

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A meditation space is very personal, and you should create a space that resonates with you. So please take these tips as suggestions that are meant to prompt consideration as opposed to being rigidly followed.

1. Find a Space – When you designate a specific space for meditation you will cultivate an energy there that will allow you to slip into meditation more easily and quickly. At the very least, you will signal to your body that when you enter the space you welcome relaxation and reflection. The space is your personal sacred space, just like a yoga mat.

Carve out a niche in your home or personal space. It my be a corner, a room, or simply a chair or a cushion. I recommend a spot where you have access to a table, a shelf, or open floor. You will want some extra space for several of the other tips.

Although this may not be feasible for everyone, I also recommend keeping the space as private as possible. The space and the energy are very personal, and I prefer to not have other people casually lounging there. My chair and table are tucked into a corner of my bedroom.

2. Bless the Space -Bless the space and the energy the first few times that you use it or whenever you feel maybe the space has become a little stale. A prayer that I have used follows, please refine it to suit your needs.

God, Goddess,
Bless this space.
Clear any negativity.
Only allow good to come to me here,
Fill this space with White Light, Divine Knowing, and Grace.
Thank you God, Goddess.
So it is done. So it is done. So it is done.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

3. Nurture the Space -Invite a few things into your meditation space that are nurturing. You may have these in your seat, up on a table or shelf, or simply set in front of you, whatever serves you and your space. I keep a photograph, my favorite throw, and my favorite throw pillow near. I don’t use or refer to them each time, but I immediately feel nurtured when I see them.

4. Add Elements -Invite some or all of the four elements into your space. Fire can be represented by a candle, a light, or incense. Assuming you are indoors, water can be represented by a mini water feature, an essential oil diffuser, or a simple glass of water. Earth can be represented by rocks, crystals, or plants. Wind or air can be represented by a fan, a feather, or a picture of a bird.

Keep in mind, all of these elements can be represented in one image, photograph, or painting. They could also be represented in abstract ways. I represent air in my meditation space with my chair which is a swing. Not all elements have to be represented either, personal choice.

5. Add Scent – A candle, incense, or an essential oil diffuser are also opportunities to add scent. You may want to change the scent depending on your mood, your intention, or the season.

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6. Add a Journal -Have a journal and a pen on hand in your meditation space to record whatever messages, inspiration, or solutions you receive.

7. Add Mysticism or Spirituality -Keep an oracle deck, an affirmation deck, or an inspirational book in your meditation space. I refer to these when I can’t settle my mind, find a focus, or need a nudge of reassurance or guidance.

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8. Add Music – Find music that soothes your soul. If traditional meditation music serves you, great. If it does not, no worries. This is your sacred space, and the music should be sacred to you.

I hope you enjoy creating or enhancing your meditation space!

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16 thoughts on “8 Tips to Create or Enhance a Meditation Space

    1. Thanks for the visit. Scent in my space has taken on new importance for me lately. It is always interesting to see how preferences ebb and flow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I got stuck at Goddess. Tell me more. Do you pray to a Goddess and. God? Goddess being a female? Who exactly do you pray to? Is this prayer or whom youโ€™re praying to only for meditation or do you do the same thing in all your prayers. Good morning!

    1. Good Morning! ๐Ÿ™‚ God, Goddess to me is one thing with two sides, like a coin. Sometimes I just speak to the coin, and sometimes I engage with the masculine or the feminine side. As a woman, I cannot imagine that God is only masculine. God is probably above gender in all forms, but this is how my human mind resolves the unknown.

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