Today’s Mindfulness Demise is Brought to You by the Dog

As if a husband and children are not humbling enough when you are on a mindfulness journey, throw in a few pets for good measure. We have three dogs. More accurately, our family has two dogs, and my husband has one dog. My husband’s dog is a West Highland Terrier, and her name is Sugar. She does not take me very seriously on a regular day, and this morning she really showed me my dark side…

Sugar is the white one in the middle.

Our morning routine is that while my husband is getting ready for work and before the kids go off to school, I take care of the pets. You know the drill; outside, food, water, love, and all is well. Except today, everything was not well. The dogs had their first out, the dogs came in and had breakfast, things were still going fine…

I OPEN the door to let the dogs out for a second time after their breakfast. The door is OPEN, and Sugar is 31 inches away from the door. Yes, I went back and measured. She peed on the kitchen rug 31 inches away from the outside and while she was under my feet. I screamed at her to get outside.

Remember, the door is still OPEN. Did I mention that this is the time that the first buses come through the subdivision to pick up the elementary school children? There is a bus stop behind my house facing my OPEN door.

Sugar does not go outside even though the door is still OPEN. She decides to take off through the house instead, so I take off after her still screaming for her to go outside. Profanity may have been used, profanity was probably used, profanity was definitely used.

As the chase began, I thought it would end quickly, nope. She had me on her tail for what seemed liked 5 minutes. Then she slipped past me to hide in a corner of the laundry room where I could not reach her very well. After several attempts at her collar, she decided to try to bite me. If I wasn’t unhinged already, I was then. The door is still OPEN.

I finally managed to get her outside. I finally CLOSED the door.

Well, what should I write about on my mindfulness blog today?

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26 thoughts on “Today’s Mindfulness Demise is Brought to You by the Dog

    1. I am more respectful of people who keep it real, so I have to keep it real as well. 🙂 I’m glad it made you smile. I can laugh about it now, ridiculous morning, lol!

  1. Give yourself a break, darlin’:

    Clearly set and conscientiously maintained boundaries are necessary to third dimension mindfulness.

    I’m reblogging this to my readers as a “Call and Response”

    May your day go more pracefully for a good dose of self-forgiveness.

    Much love to you 😚😚

  2. Awwwww I loved this. I have two Maltese. One morning I knew they kept moving around in the bed. Tyson, the Maltese jumped out the bed and peed right in front of my door. I was just getting ready to let them out. I guess he said you knew 30 minutes ago I had to go to the rest room. Lol! It was my fault. I didn’t do anything. Got a bleach wet one and got it up. Thank God we have all hardwood floors. Puppies are the best!

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