Your Soul Number Revealed

According to the principles of numerology, your soul number reveals your heart’s dearest desire and gives you a framework for understanding yourself at a deeper level.

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Calculate your soul number and the soul numbers of loved ones to obtain greater insight into potential strengths and tendencies.

Determine Soul Number

Your soul number is determined by using your name and the following numerology chart. You will look up the corresponding number to every vowel in your full birth name, first middle last. You will then add up the numbers in each part of your name to arrive at your soul number. If you arrive at a double digit number, add the digits of the number together until you arrive at a single number.

Quick Tip for Y – Y is considered a vowel when it is the only vowel sound in the syllable.

Numerology Table, Letters and Their Numbers


Soul Number Example

Soul Number = VOWELS (First + Middle + Last)


Soul Number = 9 + 2 + 2 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4

Meaning of Soul Number*

Soul Number 1
Your heart’s desire is to lead. You lean away from mediocrity and prefer to work alone.

Soul Number 2
Your heart’s desire is to live in harmony with others. You like to provide support to others and prefer to be in a relationship.

Soul Number 3
Your heart’s desire is to bring joy to others. You are a creative person and a wonderful romantic.

Soul Number 4
Your heart’s desire is to live according to a plan. You are a great facilitator and create synergetic teams.

Soul Number 5
Your heart’s desire is to be free from restrictions. You crave adventure and variety.

Soul Number 6
Your heart’s desire is to create a beautiful and harmonious home. You are heavy on commitment and want to nurture and protect.

Soul Number 7
Your heart’s desire is to be left to your own devices. You are an empath who craves solitude.

Soul Number 8
Your heart’s desire is to be in a position of power. You have a hard time with emotional people and prefer sticking to topics of business.

Soul Number 9
Your heart’s desire is universal perfection and love. You have heightened intuition, boundless love, and high ideals.

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* Sourced from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology by Kay Lagerquist, Ph.D. and Lisa Lenard published 2004 by Alpha, page 197-200

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  1. I feel like that’s an odd way to label 6. Folks should probably be cautioned against codependency or martyrdom. Don’t you think? I’ve had to teach myself away from those tendencies, but I can definitely see all the rest factoring in for me. I work with a non-profit organization that puts on one of the largest pagan community events in america. 🙂 This was very interesting.

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