How a Pause Can Lead to a Solution

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I recently took one of our vehicles into the dealership to have the side view mirror fixed. The mirror wouldn’t stay in place at all, it was wobbly like the mechanism had broken. I showed the service guy what the problem was and headed to the waiting room while my vehicle headed to the service bay.

I settled in to enjoy the WordPress reader on my phone while I waited. A little time passed, and the service guy came to tell me that the repair would cost about a thousand dollars, A THOUSAND DOLLARS. He explained that the entire mirror and housing needed to be replaced. I was shocked. I had expected maybe $300, and I probably would have paid $400, but a $1000???

I was overcome with this feeling of needing time, just a few moments, a pause. So I told the service guy (nicely) that I thought a thousand dollars was unreasonable and that I was going to text my husband. Truth be told, texting my husband was going to accomplish nothing. He is a wonderful man who knows nothing about cars. So instead, I went back to my WordPress reader. I simply sat there and continued to read. A little more time passed, and the service guy returned to the waiting area. He said, “Your car is fixed, and it is free of charge.”

Turns out the pause gave him a moment to think of alternative solutions. He had a hunch that if he cycled the mirror through a set of movements, manually and then electronically, it may solve the problem without replacement. Well, it worked. I’m so grateful for following my instincts to take a pause. Although I had no idea how, I knew a pause would deliver a better solution.

Please remember to give yourself and others a pause, a solution does not need to be immediate. The first solution may also not be your best option, follow your instincts.

20 thoughts on “How a Pause Can Lead to a Solution

  1. Storytelling like this is the best method of teaching and creating a lasting message. We often talk about the Power of the Pause when speaking at Toastmasters and your story was appreciated. Thanks, Dave

    1. Actually, it wasn’t even a mechanic. It was the guy who checks you in at the service desk. He had the same thing happen to him years ago, and he thought he’d see if mine would respond the same as his. I felt so lucky that he was my greeter!!!

  2. I totally agree with you. Pausing and following your instincts are so important. It helps me when responding to difficult emails/comments. I think it’s great that the pause helped him look for alternate solutions and saved you money!

    1. Sometimes when I take a pause, I tell my mind to work on a solution in the background. I figure my unconscious mind should be put to work as well. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the visit! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, I should write more about this. Taking a pause has been pivotal for me at several points in my life. Although not pivotal, this instance happened to be recent.

      1. I used “usual and minor” for the normal everyday issues in the classroom. Sometimes waiting a few seconds helps the teacher. Of course, more serious issues require a more immediate response.

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