5 Valentine Gifts to Nurture Your Own Heart

Truth be told, I do not need a holiday to justify buying myself a gift. However, it is a lovely idea. Here are 5 gifts to nurture your own heart no matter your Valentine situation.

1. Tibetan Singing Bowl ~ $22.97

This high-quality handcrafted 3.5″ meditation bowl set includes a wooden striker and hand sewn cushion. It is hand hammered in the Himalayan Foothills by Nepalese artisans to be as unique as you are and to create an ambiance for emotional calming & healing. Ohm’s Tibetan singing bowls are used worldwide for yoga, meditation and spiritual healing by energy healers, spirituality practitioners, teachers of all kinds and those just looking to experience a beautiful daily resonance. The sound and vibrations promote a relaxed state perfect for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages.

I love my singing bowl, and I have had it so long I don’t remember where I got it. I use it to end savasana when I teach yoga, to signal the end of meditations when I am leading them, and to clear my own energy before I meditate.

2. Essential Oil Aroma Humidifier, Green Aventurine Bronze Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffuser ~ $27.89

Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, cool mist humidifier, 7 color night light is a beautiful room decor. This will moisten skin, reinforce immunity, relieve stress and improve sleeping. The unit has super quiet operation and waterless auto shut-off protection. The cover of the diffuser is filled with Green Aventurine. The crystal is powerful and symbolizes love.

This is on my wish list. I do have numerous salt lamps and diffusers, but this one is so beautiful and it has aventurine in the cover…

3. Ancient Greek Remedy Gift Set ~ $39.99

Prepare to feel pampered with this luxurious natural skincare gift set. This ultimate four kit set includes organic, all-natural products that nourish, heal, and moisturize your dry, cracked, and bumpy skin. Includes four amazing skincare products: a deep moisturizing and reparative body oil (4oz), a thick, luscious buttercream moisturizer (3.4oz), a rejuvenating foot balm (3.4oz), and two soap bars (4oz each) for a soft and gentle clean.

This is on my wish list. I love gift sets, especially when they include a product I already use.

4. The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith Cards ~ $14.81

52 inspiring messages to help you open up to the power of the Universe. This deck offers spiritual guidance to help you find strength when you are down, synchronicity and support when you are lost, safety in the face of uncertainty, and joy in all circumstances. Now it is in your hands. Surrender to the guidance that the cards provide, practice patience and peace, and trust that the Universe has your back.

I always incorporate affirmation or oracle cards into my meditation classes, and the cards are always a hit. This deck though is by far the one people most often buy for themselves after using it in my classes.

5. Super Attractor Cards ~ $19.55

Being a Super Attractor means that what you believe is what you receive. This 52-card deck will inspire you to live a life filled with joy, grace, ease, and strength, and start manifesting your dreams into reality. Anytime you want guidance, simply shuffle the deck, choose a card, and have faith in the guidance you receive. These stunning cards will help you connect to the Universe, live in alignment with Spirit, get in the flow of wellbeing, and develop your own Super Attractor powers. Surrender to this awesome practice and watch the miracles unfold.

THIS is my gift to myself. I ordered them, and I am so excited! I will post about them in the future. 🙂

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