Book Review – An Accidental Awakening: It’s not about yoga; It’s about family by Stephanie Hrehirchuk

She lost her career to a spinal injury. She lost herself to motherhood. Then Stephanie’s best friend invited her to join a year in yoga, which turned out to be more than she bargained for. An Accidental Awakening is yoga off the mat and into life as she is thrown into qigong in the snow, fire ceremonies on her lawn, walking on hot coals, tapping her sixth sense, chanting, ranting and crying – all while making meals and tucking kids into bed in-between. Using the chakras as a roadmap and yoga, her vehicle, Stephanie takes readers on a year-long adventure down an ancient path toward healing. Told in a style that the New York Times describes as β€œself-help memoir,” An Accidental Awakening offers readers the tools and inspiration they need to transform their lives: to find family in yoga and yoga in family.

This book was a mix of nostalgia and inspiration for me. Stephanie’s yoga and spiritual journey reminded me of my own experiences. The cast of characters made me miss those special, eccentric people in my own life who inspired and guided my awakening. I also really appreciated that she was real about her struggles balancing her needs with her family’s needs. As all spouses and parents know, it can be a tricky path.

I loved Stephanie’s candor about how she felt as she emerged herself into so many new experiences, sometimes with joyful inhibition and sometimes downright angry. She was relatable the entire time. I enjoyed watching her practice evolve as she was stretched and challenged. I also thought about what my responses may have been if I found myself having her experiences.

While reading her book, I incorporated some of the anecdotes that she mentioned into my own practice. The book whispers, plants the seeds, and prompts you to question your status quo. Then the urgency catches up with you, and you realize that you must embrace all that you are in order to live life like it was meant to be lived. I have so many new ideas of where to go from here, all inspired by this book, thank you Stephanie!

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An Accidental Awakening: It’s not about yoga; It’s about family

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  1. Sounds like an awesome read! Yoga has definitely made a major difference in my life because I’ve struggled with bad posture and back problems. I can imagine the difference that it made in Stephanie’s life and the healing she experienced.

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