Your Destiny Number Revealed

According to the principles of numerology, your destiny number reveals your purpose in life and points the way to an empowered existence.

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Calculate your destiny number and the destiny numbers of loved ones to obtain greater insight into potential strengths and tendencies.

Determine Destiny Number

Your Destiny number is determined by using your name and the following numerology chart. You will look up the corresponding number to every letter in your full birth name, first middle last. You will then add up the numbers in each part of your name to arrive at your Destiny Number. If you arrive at a double digit number, add the digits of the number together until you arrive at a single number.

Numerology Table, Letters and Their Numbers


Destiny Number Example

Destiny Number = First + Middle + Last


Destiny Number = 8 + 3 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

Meaning of Destiny Number*

Destiny Number 1
Your mission in life is to develop the self and to become a leader. Your purpose in life is to be courageous, take the initiative, be independent, original, and innovative, all to develop your will and determination. Even if you lack confidence or are holding back, your destiny awaits.

Destiny Number 2
Your mission in life is to create harmony. Your purpose is to find balance, seek cooperation, and be the team player, all to develop your sense of relationship. Even if you are passive or indecisive, your destiny awaits.

Destiny Number 3
Your mission in life is to energize and inspire. Your purpose is to encourage others through your optimism and enthusiasm, using your inspirational creativity to make certain that joy is spread to others. Even if you are moody or critical, your destiny awaits.

Destiny Number 4
Your mission in life is to build something or lasting value. Your purpose is to be practical and do the hard work, all the while keeping order and convention so that security is assured. Even if you are stubborn or suspicious, your destiny awaits.

Destiny Number 5
Your mission in life is to adapt, change, and progress. Your purpose is to embrace freedom and follow curiosity wherever it leads you, all while using your resources and magnetism to keep you moving. Even if you are restless or disconnected, your destiny awaits.

Destiny Number 6
Your mission in life is to serve. Your purpose is to nurture family and loved ones, while using your love of beauty and community to create harmony in life around you. Even if you are codependent or tend to martyr yourself, your destiny awaits.

Destiny Number 7
Your mission in life is to analyze and seek out. Your purpose is to dig deeply and contemplate all you encounter, using your skill at research and your perfectionist ways to find inner wisdom. Even if you are cynical or skeptical, your destiny awaits.

Destiny Number 8
Your mission in life is to gain mastery of self. Your purpose is to achieve and succeed, using your skill at business and organization. The field of opportunity is where you learn to express your authenticity and discover your own power. Even if you are ruthless or overbearing, your destiny awaits.

Destiny Number 9
Your mission in life is to perfect and love unconditionally. Your purpose is to strive for universal brotherhood and sisterhood, using your selflessness, sensitivity, and healing art. Even if you are gullible or intolerant, your destiny awaits.

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* Sourced from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology by Kay Lagerquist, Ph.D. and Lisa Lenard published 2004 by Alpha, page 183-185

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            1. My friend/mentor introduced it to me about 15 years ago. I’m an engineer by degree so numbers have always made me feel comfortable. It is a logical connection between my analytical side and my mystical side.

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