Your Personal Year Number Revealed

According to the principles of numerology, your personal year number carries its own unique vibration, identity and demands.

Calculate your personal year number and the personal year numbers of loved ones to obtain greater insight into what to expect from life this year.

Determine Personal Year Number

The personal year number is calculated by using the month and day of the birthday and the current year. Please note that the current year may by this year or last year. Please follow the guidelines below:
Birthday = MM/DD
If the birthday already passed this year, Current Year = Current Year YYYY
If the birthday has not yet passed this year, Current Year = Last Year YYYY
Personal Year Number = M + M + D + D + Y+ Y + Y + Y

Today’s Date = 05/27/2020
Birthday = 09/03
Current Year = 2019 (since birthday has not yet passed)
Add all digits individually:
Personal Year Number = 0 + 9 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 24
Reduce again until you arrive at a single digit:
Personal Year Number = 24
Personal Year Number = 2 + 4
Personal Year Number = 6

Meaning of Personal Year Number

Personal Year Number 1
A year for new beginnings, planting seeds; an active year

Personal Year Number 2
A year for cooperation, sensitivity, and relationships; a slow year

Personal Year Number 3
A year for joy, creative ideas, having to say your truth, expressing yourself; an active year

Personal Year Number 4
A preparation year of putting down roots, hard work, discipline, health, and putting into form the ideas of last year; a productive year

Personal Year Number 5
A year for change, unpredictability, risk taking, and freedom; an active year

Personal Year Number 6
A year for tending to domestic matters, family obligations, nurturing others; an active year

Personal Year Number 7
A spiritual year of turning inward, rest, rejuvenation, and contemplation; a restorative year

Personal Year Number 8
A preparation year full of achievement, recognition, and organization; an active year

Personal Year Number 9
A completion year for release, forgiveness, and transformation; an active year transitions to a restorative year

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9 thoughts on “Your Personal Year Number Revealed

  1. I ended up at 3. We’ll see if I’m more creative and expressive this year. I think I got a good start with La Llorona.

    1. I am a 5 (change) as of last August. We found out we were moving across the country in September and by October we were here. I definitely think there is something to this. Glad you’re off to a good start! πŸ™‚

  2. I got Personl year number 1 which is interesting. I always bring in the new year writing letters to God. I do it twice a year. Once on my birthday, as I am entering into a new year, and again on New Years Eve. This New Years as I prayed about my word going into 2020 I received the word cultivate. So the number and the word I received definitely aligned. I’m excited to see what will blossom!

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