Mindfulness Mini – Opportunity Mudra

Every circumstance, including the most unpleasant ones, contains within it an opening, a chance. The trick is to find and use it.

Gertrud Hirschi
MUDRAS for Body, Mind and Spirit
by Gertrud Hirschi

This mudra synchronizes the two sides of the brain, activates one’s memory, and improves one’s ability to absorb or recall knowledge. The mudra is formally known as the Hakini Mudra.

Form this mudra and find your breath. With your question or situation in mind, hold the mudra for a few moments in front of your forehead if an academic matter or in front of your heart if an emotional matter. Use the following affirmations:

I am thankful for this opportunity to take my chances as they come.
All information needed for this matter is available to me now.

9 thoughts on “Mindfulness Mini – Opportunity Mudra

    1. Thanks Mark! We are all situated in Central Illinois, and I was missing WordPress. I’m so glad to be back and to see you here. I will be catching up on my favs soon. I look forward to reading what you have been up to! 🙂

  1. Just what I needed at this point in my life. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂 I’m going to use this mudra every time I sit down to write. Great blog. So happy I found you. 🙂

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