Boundaries Nudge

Is someone taking advantage of your generous heart by draining your financial, emotional, or physical resources? Are you feeling spent because someone is monopolizing your time, space, or energy? Boundaries are important so that you can love someone else while simultaneously loving yourself, boundaries cultivate love. Evaluate where and with whom you need boundaries and start to put them into place. Stop answering every call, text, or request. A good guideline, to begin with, is to address every third contact. Be prepared for the other person to show emotion because you are no longer meeting their preconceived expectations. The more the other person reveals their true character, the clearer their underlying intent will become, and the easier it will be for you to set boundaries that resonate with you. You can move forward with integrity and the knowledge that your needs are equally important. 

18 thoughts on “Boundaries Nudge

  1. Awesome wisdom! You are right Julie. There is only so much time each day as well as only one of us. We can all benefit from prioritizing the most important aspects of our lives to receive our upmost attention.

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  2. Thank you Julie. Once again, very timely advice for me. I struggle with boundaries and at the moment I’m being sucked dry by friends and clients. And I didn’t even realise it! Time to start drawing those lines in the sand!! ๐Ÿ’ž

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    1. I totally get it. I took the same experience and put up too many boundaries. Then when that didn’t work, I swung too far back to no boundaries. Now, I really make an effort to have healthy boundaries.


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