Mindfulness Mini – Rise and Shine

I hope you wake up feeling exceptional. You are important, needed, and unique.

Mama Zara
Photo by Sam Kolder on Pexels.com

The moment you become aware that you are awake notice where your mind starts. What thoughts or feelings are you beginning the day with? If they are positive, fantastic. If they are not positive, pause and redirect with:

  • Your favorite affirmation(s)
  • Visualizing success with the day’s events
  • Prayer
  • Mindful breath
  • Feeling content
  • Short gratitude list

However you proceed, you are empowered to take control of your energy. Have an exceptional response to your day!!!

14 thoughts on “Mindfulness Mini – Rise and Shine

  1. The mind’s a tricky little monkey, isn’t it? Gotta catch it first thing. I love how your postings align with my thoughts and intentions… cool, huh?

  2. For a second I thought we had written the same thing LOL I have one scheduled to post soon that started off a little like this one. Maybe we walk along the same path.

  3. This morning I started by reading through my Pinterest file called Inspired Positivity—368 inspirational pins that I had almost forgotten about with some affirmations included. You’re right, Julie! A great start to the day!

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