Grumpy Cat


We returned home from a fabulous, 10 day trip to Michigan, our home state. My 18 year old stayed behind in New Jersey to care for the cats, dogs, and house. He will be going to Michigan for college at the end of August, so he didn’t feel a real need to go. He felt it was better to stay behind and earn some of mom and dad’s cash by helping out. He did a great job, house intact, dogs happy, and cats survived.

We have two cats, a kitten named Romeo and a cat named Kitty. Kitty and I have a special bond. She is my cat, no question. When I have returned from trips in the past, she meows for love and attention immediately.

Upon this return, silence from Kitty. I looked for her, called for her, nothing. I finally caught a glimpse of her in the far, dark, corner under a bed. She was not happy. I left her to be for a bit while I started laundry. My husband called for me a little while later that Kitty was fine and was out and about. I headed upstairs to see her. She was cuddling with my husband, but as soon as she saw me approach, she bolted.

I pursued Kitty on and off for the next three hours. I finally caught her, held her tight, and loved on her. She was still reluctant, to say the least. I let her go, and she bolted. I brought her dinner a few hours later, she did appear for that, not in a gracious way but in a leave it over there way. In the evening she let me brush her if I came to where she was sitting. At bedtime, she did come to sleep next to me in her usual spot. Finally! I was so relieved to have things back to normal, her energy had been hard for me all day.

Maybe her new formula is an hour of snubbing your mom for every day she was gone? I guess all is forgiven? How do your pets greet you after a long trip?

12 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat

  1. You got the cold Kitty shoulder big time. They don’t like to be abandoned. When I come home from being in the hospital for a month in 2016, only two of our seven cats greeted me. The other kitties had to give me the cold kitty shoulder for s few hours. When we got back from being in France for 5 weeks in 2013, Rosencrantz greeted us in the yard and gave us an ear full about being gone for so long, some of the other cats ignored us, and Guildenstern would not let my wife out of his sight for weeks after that — wherever she was, he was right there with her.

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      1. It’s funny how differently each kitty reacts to things. Our current batch of cats are mostly psychotic. Never a dull moment with a clowder of psychotic kitties.

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  2. I get the same thing 😭 How DARE you leave??? My first cat used to actually snack me with his paw within 24 hrs of returning, as if to say “don’t ever do that again”. Then he’d be back to normal 😁 I don’t know if it actually helps, but I try to explain to them before I go that I love them and will always come back, and how many “sleeps” I will be away for. I can’t believe I just admitted that publically… 😲 Anyway, welcome home. Nice to have you back. We won’t give you the cold shoulder… 💞

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