Mindfulness Mini – Falling Asleep

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.

Irish Proverb

This tip is from Yoga Nidra which is a type of mediation that is a sleepless sleep. Ironically, Yoga Nidra often induces sleep, so I will share this as a technique to use when you are having trouble falling asleep. I use it myself regularly, and I have taught it to my kids as well. It reminds me of counting sheep, but it is a tad more sophisticated.

Start double counting a slow, steady breath backward as follows:
Inhale 72, Exhale 72
Inhale 71, Exhale 71
Inhale 70, Exhale 70
… … …
Inhale 2, Exhale 2
Inhale 1, Exhale 1

If you make it down to 1, start again at 72. I have not made it through this exercise more than three times without falling asleep. You really have to focus to keep count and prevent your mind from wandering. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “Mindfulness Mini – Falling Asleep

  1. Might just try this, i’ve always struggled with sleep, but even more so lately❀

  2. I have a recorded yoga nidra guided meditation. I was told that doing an hour of this was worth over 2 hours of actual sleep, and I used to do it a lot. You’ve reminded me about this, so I might dig it out. Thanks! πŸ’–

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