Setting Intention, Life Navigation System

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Setting intention is using your life navigation system. The life navigation system works like a regular GPS. Tell the universe where you are headed by setting your intention. I use intention all the time, like when I have to have difficult conversations, when I am driving somewhere new, or when I am promoting my business. Intention is a mindfulness tool that is simple to leverage.

  1. Determine Destination: I recommend a short, positive statement in the present tense. For example, when I take a yoga class, I typically set the intention for a ‘joyful and empowering practice’. When I am taking a meditation class, I may set the intention that ‘I have clarity now’ or ‘my next steps are obvious’. If I am worried about something, my intention may be for ‘the best possible outcome’. Your thoughts may be complex like when resolving a work or family issue, but focus on keeping the intention simple. An intention of peace or love is always a great option.
  2. Visualize & Feel: Visualize how our destination looks and more importantly, how it feels, both physically and emotionally. Imagine how you will feel emotionally at the destination of your intention. Will it be joyful, hopeful, relieved, at peace, motivated, etc.? Imagine how you will feel physically at the destination of your intention. Will you be warm, exhilarated, relaxed, tired, safe, etc.?
  3. Trust: Allow the universe to get you there, just like you trust your GPS to get you to your destination. You don’t always know how the path or the timing will adjust based on traffic, road closures, or weather, but you still have faith that you will arrive.

Quick Exercise for Setting Intention: When I am teaching yoga or meditation, I always use this short exercise at the beginning of class.

With eyes closed, take a moment to set your intention, your desired destination. Visualize and feel the end result of your intention. Allow that energy to rise up through you as your intention becomes a thought bubble or daydream forming about arms reach above your head. Inhale your arms up and reach for the intention that you have just created, clasp it with your hands, palms together. Exhale, palms still together, pull it into your heart center, and allow it to download.

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