Intuition Nudge

What has been on your mind lately? Is there an idea that you just can’t shake, or do all signs keep pointing to the same thing? Your intuition is conspiring with the universe for your highest good. Universal intelligence flows in you and through you, and universal intelligence cannot fail. Start taking steps, even just baby steps, towards where your intuition is leading you. The more you listen and act, the more obvious your next steps will become. Little by little, or leap by leap, however you choose to follow your path, you will be rewarded for your courage.

24 thoughts on “Intuition Nudge

  1. This is lovely!! Perhaps I SHOULD buy that house in the countryside either in France or the Spanish Pyrenees 🤔That would mean selling our home here in Holland though and we’ve only recently bought it!😆

  2. So, what you are saying is I should dye my hair chestnut, buy a second hand bookshop, and take up witchcraft? Sounds cool… (I was literally given a wand by a wizard the other day!) Oh course, in reality I won’t do any of these things, except perhaps the witchcraft, if my cat keeps insisting 😉

    1. Who are we to deny a feline? I literally had to go to the doctor today to get bloodwork to detect cat scratch fever… I don’t recommend denying the feline. 😉

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