8 Myths About Manifesting

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Manifesting is a mindfulness tool used to attract positive change in your life, and there are a lot of myths surrounding the process and subsequent results. Do you subscribe to any of these myths?

Myth 1: You will always manifest what you want.

Truth: Something will always manifest, but it may not be what you thought you wanted. The challenge or opportunity for growth is that you still maintain faith in the universe in the absence of what you want. The opportunity for magic is in the pivot, how you rearrange your desire or how you respond to your circumstances.

Myth 2: If you don’t manifest what you want, you didn’t focus enough or didn’t have enough faith in the process.

Truth: Focus and faith in the universe are part of the manifestation process, but giving your best effort does not guarantee immediate or future success. The universe subscribes to the fact that you learn more from failure than from success. Often there is a greater plan for you than you are conscious of when you set about manifesting. Again, the opportunity for magic is in the pivot, how you rearrange your desire or how you respond to your circumstances.

Myth 3: Manifesting what you want will make you happy.

Truth: Getting what you want or what you thought you wanted will not guarantee happiness. Happiness is an approach to life that is largely independent of perceived success.

Myth 4: People with low self-esteem or a negative outlook cannot manifest good in their life.

Truth: All people can have success with manifestation, but not all people can appreciate or recognize their successes. This is why gratitude is both a key to happiness and to manifesting.

Myth 5: Manifesting doesn’t work for me, so it is a waste of time.

Truth: If you have not had success with manifesting, first consider that you do not want to attract something that was not meant for you in the first place. Second, take a step back and identify your core values and evaluate if what you are trying to attract is in alignment with those values.

Myth 6: You have manifested what you want, and now the process is complete.

Truth: When you manifest something you need to continue to nurture and appreciate it. All good things must be tended.

Myth 7: You manifested something close to what you were trying to attract, so that is good enough.

Myth 8: You manifested and it does not look like what you imagined, so you have failed.

Truths: You will need to use discernment to determine if what you have attracted is the right thing for you or not. You will have to check in with how you feel. If you feel any fear that you must accept it as it is because you are concerned nothing better will come along, pay close attention to what you are willing to compromise. Life is about compromise, but life is not about settling. In a compromise, something is given in exchange for something else. Settling is one-sided, there is no return energy.

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8 thoughts on “8 Myths About Manifesting

  1. I love how you have spoken in a spiritual way about something I often discuss with patients from a psychological perspective (i.e in CBT). You speak of a pivot which is the magic… I often say to people: the situation at hand isn’t necessarily what is causing the problem or emotional pain, it may be how you are interpreting it. It sounds kind of similar, but I like how you brought spirit into the discussion ❤️

  2. Perhaps you could rewrite The Secret book? These are very valid points. Sometimes we forget that sometimes the things that are supposed to happen are far more wonderful than anything we could have ever imagined in our dull, logical minds 😊

  3. Great discussion Julie! I am not very familiar with the term of manifesting. After reading your points, I know more than I thought.

    I cannot control everything in my life, but by waiting with patience and effort, many goals can be accomplished.

    Sometimes we have to deal with change and see where it takes us. My teaching career faced some changes and different places to teach, and I needed to be trusting in my faith with God to see where my journey would take me.

    1. Yes, faith and trust! 🙂 I think about my life in segments of 5 or 10 years. I always marvel that I could have never predicted the current in the previous. The themes are there but the details I could have never imagined.

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