Almost Here Nudge

Have you been attracting a change in your life for awhile? Have you been patient allowing the universe to unfold in your favor, but you may be getting anxious now? This shift in energy is your anticipation, you can feel that your heart’s desire is almost here, almost manifested. Pay close attention now, and be open to invitations, opportunities, and challenges. The universe will always rise up to meet you, but it often doesn’t look the way you may expect. Blessings are often disguised at first, be open and discerning.

12 thoughts on “Almost Here Nudge

  1. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling! I’ve been feeling on the right track; though I’m not with those who I thought was walking with me. It’s been amazing how much has transpired since last week.

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  2. Yes I have! Been attracting this change for over ten years now.

    Oh yes! I have been extremely patient over the past decade+ and a super YES to getting anxious right now as the change gets ‘closer to the wire’.

    The Universe does rise up and meet us, that’s how life works. You are very true that things come in grand disguise to what we had fathomed. That’s why it’s so important to not have any expectations. Life is so much fun!

    Great timing for this post. Was a great affirmation to what my heart is telling me. Thank you!

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