Mindfulness Mini – Colors for Change

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

Meister Eckhart
Photo Credit: Phil Kallahar

This exercise has a 5 heartbeat pause because 5 represents change.

  • Inhale red, hold for five heartbeats as the red transforms to orange.
  • Exhale orange, hold for five heartbeats as orange transforms to yellow.
  • Inhale yellow, hold for five heartbeats as yellow transforms to green.
  • Exhale green, hold for five heartbeats as green transforms to blue.
  • Inhale blue, hold for five heartbeats as blue transforms to indigo.
  • Exhale indigo, hold for five heartbeats as indigo transforms to violet.
  • Inhale violet, hold for five heartbeats as violet transforms to white light.
  • Exhale white light, hold for five heartbeats.

6 thoughts on “Mindfulness Mini – Colors for Change

  1. Five is about change. GOOD reminder! In the tarot deck, all of the #5 cards are about upheaval and change. They can seem scary. Change must come to all of us, and more often than we want it to. So let us all be comfortable with it. Easier said than done–enter this meditation to help out!

    Also, I am in the middle of change, and the future that is manifesting is potentially so GOOD! And yet I’m still a nervous nelly. THIS is a totally awesome way to meditate on it, and think of change. Something most of us innately fear (for no good reason other than it is moving away from the comfort zone). THANK YOU! xoxoxo

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