Neutral is a Cash Move

When you allow your thoughts to ruminate on the negative, your energy is lost to a negative void. There is no return on your time or energy spent, and you are left feeling more and more depleted. Of course you know that the best investment is shifting to positive thinking. Being positive actually creates and attracts more positive, and you already know that.

But what if you can’t muster the positive, no problem. How about you just try to approach neutral? Neutral takes you half way without as much effort as positive. While you won’t be increasing your investment, you won’t be losing it either. Neutral is keeping your emotions in cash, and cash brings options. The more cash you have, the more nimble you can be. Neutral is a good place to start saving. When you are ready to invest, you can shift to positive.

17 thoughts on “Neutral is a Cash Move

  1. I never thought about shifting to neutral. Great thought Julie.

    Sometimes we can borrow time while treading water in our neutral gear until God helps us to clear away the obstacles so we can move forward with a more positive outlook.

  2. OMG this is ingenious! There are definately times where I can’t be positive, but if I just tell myself that I’m doing okay, then that’s enough. Thank you! So easy 😊

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