Have Courage Nudge

Are you fearful of moving forward with a life change that has been tugging at your soul? Has the Universe been whispering (or maybe hollering) that this is something you need to do? Have courage, courage comes from the heart, not the mind. Tune into why your heart is afraid, honor what you find, and develop a plan to move forward in spite of your fear. Fear is often a good indication that you are pursuing something very worthwhile. If the value wasn’t inherent, you would not be afraid. Many of life’s greatest blessings occur when you demonstrate courage by stepping up, stepping out, or stepping in. You may not only be answering your own prayers, but you may also be answering the prayers of others. May the Universe always rise up to meet you, namaste.

15 thoughts on “Have Courage Nudge

  1. As the Tao says always listen to your heart, because your mind plays tricks on you. Given my other blog I have come to realise how our whole lives are led by fear, and having the courage to face that fear is the essential thing to survive.

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