Lucky Bug Messages

We have all had an insect that seems drawn to us or our path as we go about our day. Here are some messages and the symbolism associated with those little encounters.

Ant – Ants are seen as a positive omen than wealth will be yours. The ant symbolizes
strength, diligence, honesty, unity, patience, determination, and loyalty. 

Bee – Follow the bee to discover your new destination. The bee symbolizes community, brightness, and personal power.

Butterfly – When a butterfly crosses your path, it means you should embrace all changes that are about to come into your life. The butterfly symbolizes endurance, change, hope, and life.

Caterpillar – Seeing a caterpillar means that you are thinking of some changes that will be good for you. The caterpillar symbolizes patience, change, and transformation.

Dragonfly – When a dragonfly lands on you, it brings you good luck and happiness. The dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.

Fireflies – The firefly’s message is external beauty is nothing without internal beauty. The firefly symbolizes illumination, inspiration, and hope.

Lady Bug – Seeing a lady bug is an opportunity to make a wish. The lady bug symbolizes that your wish will be granted soon.

Moth – Seeing a moth is a reminder to recognize your own vulnerabilities and utilize your own instincts and intuition. A moth symbolizes determination, attraction, intuition, and faith.

Spider – The spider’s message is to increase your awareness and focus in life. The spider symbolizes mystery, growth, and power. (Forgive me for grouping the spider with bugs.)

Good luck hunting for these little messages of inspiration! Let me know what you find. Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, and following. I love hearing from you all!

25 thoughts on “Lucky Bug Messages

    1. I will share this with my daughter, thanks! She has an affinity for dragonflies, but I didn’t know they drive the wasps away.

      1. Me either but on a few occasions when I was being bothered by a wasp a dragonfly came by and the wasp disappeared so I drew that conclusion. I did read that dragonflies will prey on wasps, which surprised me, apparently they are excellent hunters.

  1. Didn’t know about theseπŸ˜…
    (A spider did turn me to spider-man so it does symbolize power!!! 😎)

  2. This is so neat! It gives a positive approach to seeing such bugs, whereas that’s rarely the case. Thank you for sharing!! Love this 🌻🌻

  3. Thank you for enlightening me, Julie! I developed an affinity for dragonflies several years ago when I took a nature photograph class in Illinois. It really helped me to explore beneath the immediate surface of life.

  4. This was so interesting to me because it makes me look at bugs from a whole new perspective! Rather than looking at some of them as creepy, I’ll remember this post and will see something meaningful instead. If only we could look at all things in life this way!

  5. I must be headed for great wealth as I can’t get rid of the ants around here. I’ve probably screwed up my karma by feeding any caterpillars I find to the chickens 😳 And it’s winter so the cockroaches are coming inside with the firewood. You didn’t mention cockroaches. I feed those to the chickens too. I’m doomed πŸ˜‰

    1. Well feeding the caterpillars to the chickens is a form of transformation. πŸ˜‰ Here is what you were missing:

      Cockroach – The cockroach teaches you to embrace a high sense of adaptability which is necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. The cockroach symbolizes rebirth, resistance, and a willingness go that extra mile.

      1. Thank you for making it karmically okay for me to kill bugs 😜 I actually like the cockroach message – very positive. Will try to remember that next time a big one freaks me out and I’m chasing it around the floor trying to trap it in a matchbox.

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